Endangered Species Adventure

Endangered Species Adventure

Mystic AquariumMentees, check out the sessions below to find games, books, websites and videos about all the amazing creatures you’re learning about. Explore why these special animals are worth saving and how you can help them. Share the links with your family so they can join you on the Endangered Species Adventure! Parents and guardians can
find more information about these resources in the Family Resource Guide below.

Multimedia Connections

Click on a session below to view multimedia resources from the curriculum.

Growing up Butterfly

Monarch Butterfly Migration Google Earth Tour

Monarch Migration


African Penguins and Josh Davis — Aquarium Rehab

Ocean Film


All About Bats

Echo the Bat Video

National Geographic’s Echolocation Video

Loggerhead Sea Turtles

NOAA’s Endangered Ocean: Sea Turtles

Protecting Sea Turtles from the BP Oil Spill



San Diego Zoo: Frogs!

Bullfrogs Eat Everything

Elephants for Children: Learn All About Elephants

Elephants Never Forget



Cheetahs for Kids: Learn All About Cheetahs

This is Why You Can’t Outrun a Cheetah

NOAA’s Endangered Ocean: Sharks

All About Sharks